For 2000 years the HOPE of Heaven and the FEAR of Hell were dominant factors in the lives of ordinary people and on the power and influence of The Church. People believed in GOD and the very real risk of retribution for any misdeeds. Now, many people believe that:

a. Death is finality, oblivion. All that matters is success in life on earth. Thanks to the huge advances in science, atheists deny the existence of God or any life after death. What of those born in poverty, who die young, or are disabled or handicapped with no chance of success? No hope for them!

b. Every baby is given a soul by God which is its own true self and is affected by how one lives one's life. Then begins the eternal struggle between GOOD (God) and EVIL (Devil) for control of one's soul. When one's body dies, one's soul returns to God for an after-life in the Heavens. One's character or personality reflects one's soul, invisible, intangible, one's own true Self.

c. Christians are told that their dead bodies will be miraculously resurrected as they were in life - millions of mangled bodies killed in wars, buried to decay, cremated, drowned: young and old, many disabled, doollaly, deprived: preserving the inequalities of life on earth in eternal after-life?

All religions are valuable communities guiding us how to lead our lives together.
When we die, we die alone and will be valued only on our own merits.

For those who believe our souls will be judged by God when our bodies die, rich or poor, whatever our title, status or occupation, race, regime, religion, we will all be judged equally on His values according to our own merits.    "Love they neighbour".    For all of us, our character reflects our soul.

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Death is final reality. The old are conscious of it. The young are aware of it from papers or T.V.
This is the question relevant to all of us. Will our souls go to an afterlife when our bodies die?

Our character and conduct on earth reflects our imortal soul.
Will our conduct affect the fate of our souls when our bodies die?